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Virtual Reality

We specialize in creating ground-breaking VR experiences using Unreal Engine. Our experiences are available on PC VR and stand-alone devices. Immerse yourself in new worlds or use our technology as a learning tool. Whatever you choose, Wild Eye takes you far beyond reality.

Game Development tools and accessories

At Wild Eye, we develop games across multiple platforms. We work closely with clients from ideation to final release, using the latest technologies to create immersive gameplay experiences.


Whether its indie game development or a large studio, we can help you create the next big hit.

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Motion capture actor performing character animation

Wild Eye is the perfect choice for all your motion capture and character animation needs. Our in-house services provide high-quality results that make it easy to bring your projects to life!

3D architectual render

We provide our clients with high-quality 3D models and imagery, crafted by our experienced and detail-oriented team. We offer services such as 3D modeling, CAD design, 3D scanning, and photogrammetry.


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